Uncontrollable Hair

A handmade book

This handmade book has been created using the linocut printing technique. It tells a story about two little girls, Ilaria and Ashleigh, a magic gold comb and uncontrollable hair. What inspired Ilaria in the creation of this book are the traditions of an African tribe called Himba and a real event that happened to her hair.

The narrative of the book

There was a comb, a magic gold comb that loves taking care of hair and it was made by a little African girl named Ashleigh. This little girl lived in a tribe were the inhabitants, during their life, changed their hairstyles to identify their age and their state. Ashleigh having created her comb kept it as a precious object and always used it to create fabulous hairstyles. When Ashleigh was a child, she wore two amazing braids and when she becomes a teenager they were turned in a particular hairstyle made by mud, goat hair and butter, using the magic gold comb. When she had a baby, she put on top of her head a ladder hairdresser, but because of the new life with the little creature, she forgot to use the comb, that gets lost. In this way, the hair, without the gold magic comb became crazy and strangled Ashleigh that died. The only thing that remained was the evil spirit if the hair.

The lost comb travelled from Africa to Europe and was sold to a little girl named Ilaria. She loved this object, and she used it every day. Because of the unique magic of it, her hair grew a lot and became long, beautiful and strong. Ilaria felt happy and satisfied, but one day she broke the comb, and for this reason, she could not use it anymore. The hair without the comb became mad and strangled Ilaria. The only thing the remained even in this case was the evil spirit of the hair.