Hi! THIS is the ART of ILARIA Antolini

A fashion illustrator, graphic designer, and accomplished collage artist.

Ilaria is a London-based fashion illustrator, collage artist and lead designer. Her work has been featured on major tv channels and newspapers such as BBC News, Sky Sports, At The Races, Talksport, The Sun, and The Times. It has also been seen in galleries and exhibitions around the world including the Milan Design Week, London Design Week, Cluster Illustration Editions V & VI (London), The William Morris Society (London), Wilton’s Music Hall (London), Gallery Different (London), Antonia Jannone’s Gallery (Milan) and most recently at ‘Decay’ exhibition with the Rise Collective at Arch (Vietnam) and more.

About Ilaria’s illustrations & art

The aim of Ilaria’s work is to challenge and amuse people, stimulating their eyes and mind. In the creation of her artworks, Ilaria applies a natural and instinctive approach combining visually evocative elements to create engaging and thought-provoking images. With her unique way of creating collages, layering cut-outs from magazines and textiles, she is able to capture the body, its movements, and a brand aesthetic in a very unique way. During the collage-making process, a little cut-out combines perfectly with another cut-out that combines magically with another one leading to a surprising final result. Her innovative compositions and elegant and chic colour palette and texture allow the artist to express her emotions and feelings and capture other people’s ones. Ilaria’s work has been defined as extraordinary and sophisticated, able to express strong concepts.
Working in and collaborating with the fashion industry‭, ‬Ilaria has created a wide range of editorial illustrations‭, ‬she has been shortlisted for the FIDA Awards 2020‭. ‬She has worked for fashion companies like Beulah London and Lunar James and recently I brought‭ ‬her expertise as a guest lecturer in‭ ‬‘Illustrating Fashion’‭ ‬a course led by Joanna Layla at the prestigious House of Illustration.

About Ilaria’s graphic design & animation

Ilaria has worked as a graphic designer for over 5 years. She collaborated with major brands such as BBC News, Sky Sports, At The Races, Talksport, The Sun, and The Times. 
In 2021‭ ‬she collaborated as an art director with the theatre company‭ ‬‘El Gavetin’‭, ‬creating illustrations and animations that become the theatre scene background‭ and she worked for fashion companies like Beulah London. 
Ilaria is specialized in rebranding, logo design, digital marketing campaigns as well as printed material, posters, flyers, brochures, social media ads and more

IAAI Brand

In addition to her artworks, Ilaria’s passion for fashion led her to create the Ilaria Antolini brand, which is a clothing and accessories label that uses the artists’ illustrations as the main feature. The brand’s aim is to make people feel special, extravagant, and elegant by surrounding them with Ilaria’s best art.
Ilaria’s latest collaboration with Lunar James, a sustainable jewelry brand, brings her illustrations to another dimension transforming them into elegant and original wearable objects.
Ilaria has such an eye for chic and innovative design. Her illustrations have a heavenly colour palette and texture. I'd love to know how her wonderful mind works.

Kei Meguro - Tokyo-born New York City based illustration

Ilaria's work is sophisticated and non-trivial. She managed to develop a unique and remarkable style. Her artworks speak to me and arrive straight to my heart!

Daniela Petrillo - Senior Service Designer Humanitas Research Hospital & Vicepresident Architecta

Ilaria's collages are visually stunning with a clear keen eye for composition and unique use of colors and space.

R.H. - Director of Big Gym Store, fitness accessories company



  • “William Morris: Wallpaper Man” Not My Beautiful House, 19-23 Fife Road, Kingston, London – July 2021
  • ‘Decay’ Rise Collective exhibition at Arch Hanoi, Vietnam – April 2021
  • “William Morris: Wallpaper Man”, William Morris Society, 26 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London – February, March, April, May, June 2021
  • “Idiom Home Show”, London Design Week, 3 Westland Place, London – September 2019
  • “Unison” Cluster Illustration Exhibition at Unit 5 Gallery, London – August 2019
  • “Metamorphosis” Cluster Illustration Exhibition at Ugly Duck, London – May 2019
  • Storybox: Tales of Absence, ‘What ifs’ and Salvation at Wilton’s Music Hall, London – Nov 2017
  • “Master Degree Show” at Gallery Different, London – Aug 2017
  • “International exhibition GIDE” at Politecnico di Milan, Milan- Oct 2015
  • “Temporalia” at Palazzo Lombardia, Milan – Jul, Aug, Sep 2014
  • “22X22 Housing Sotto Soglia” at Fuorisalone, Milan – Apr 2014
  • “Caves” at Antonia Jannone’s Gallery, Milan – Jul 2013