Ilaria is a collage artist and illustrator based in London. She graduated with First-class Honours in both Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano (2015) and Communication Design: Illustrations from Kingston School of Art in London (2018). Ilaria works as an independent artist and graphic designer, and she is part of London based collectives such as The Storybox Collective, Cluster Illustration and Crafty Fox Market.

‘I believe that art and design are perfect tools through which people can reflect on their lives and take a step forward to the journey of self-knowledge.’

Illustration work

Ilaria’s work expresses people’s feeling and lives exploring serious and deep subject including life mysteries, spirituality and self-reflection. The artist’s inspirations are people, people’s feeling, happy moments, ordinary activities, struggles and questions and thoughts that are hidden deep inside us. Ilaria, with her art, aims to shock and amuse people, stimulating their eyes and mind. For this reason, her illustrations are often surreal with a concealed meaning that can be found just looking at the artwork over and over again, even better if relating it with yourself. Doing this the spectator will be unconsciously involved in a kind of meditation process that will hill his/her heart and soul.

Ilaria’s artworks draw influence from religions and African culture and to create them she primarily uses the collage and photomontage technique. During the collage making process, she enjoys combining visually evocative elements to create engaging images, often symmetrical and thought-provoking with a keen sense of fashion. The artist never forces her work, every artwork naturally comes out from a small and undefine thinking in her mind or feeling in her heart and then it takes shapes as she composes the image on the canvas. A little cut-out combines perfectly with another cut-out that combines magically with another one and this will take Ilaria to the final result, which will be a mix between her initial idea and the flow of creativity.

Ilaria’s brand

In addition to her artworks, Ilaria’s passion for fashion and textile led her to create Ilaria Antolini brand, which is a clothing and accessories label that uses Ilaria’s illustrations as the main feature. The brand aim is making people feeling special, extraordinary, extravagant and elegant surrounding them by Ilaria’s best art.


  • “William Morris: Wallpaper Man, William Morris Society, 26 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London – Present
  • “Idiom Home Show”, London Design Week, 3 Westland Place, London – September 2019
  • “Unison” Cluster Illustration Exhibition at Unit 5 Gallery, London – August 2019
  • “Metamorphosis” Cluster Illustration Exhibition at Ugly Duck, London – May 2019
  • Storybox: Tales of Absence, ‘What ifs’ and Salvation at Wilton’s Music Hall, London – Nov 2017 
  • “Master Degree Show” at Gallery Different, London – Aug 2017 
  • “International exhibition GIDE” at Politecnico di Milan, Milan- Oct 2015 
  • “Temporalia” at Palazzo Lombardia, Milan – Jul, Aug, Sep 2014 
  • “22X22 Housing Sotto Soglia” at Fuorisalone, Milan – Apr 2014 
  • “Caves” at Antonia Jannone’s Gallery, Milan – Jul 2013

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