BAROCKO – Bulgari x FIDA Worldwide

Fashion Editorial, Accessories Editorial

‘Barocko’ and ‘Roman Night’ are two illustrations the artist created for Bulgari x Fida Worldwide project.


‘Barocko’ artwork has been created to showcase the spectacular and beautiful Barocko High Jewellery Bulgari collection. The illustration is inspired by the values of the Bulgari brand and the vibrant style of the jewellery pieces made with supreme gemstones and breathtaking craftsmanship. The Roman flair could not be left out, as the ‘Eternal City’ and its beauty have always been the starting points of all Bulgari’s creations.
‘Roman Night’ showcases the sensual and contemporary ‘Goldea – The Roman Night’ Eau de Parfume highlighting his value and elegance. The focus of the fragrance gives the illusionary look of being close yet far thanks to the use of perspective and composition. Obtaining Goldea soon can become more than just a dream.
Both collages have been created keeping in mind and applying to my practice the four elements that every Bulgari jewel bears: Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Pazzia. Passion, for fashion and art that I express through my fashion collages. Patience, because finding all the right small cut-out pieces and putting them together requires attention to detail and time. Perseverance, in seeking the perfect result and trying to improve every single moment. Pazzia, liberating my imagination, using the extraordinary technique of collage art to create original, unique and unusual illustrations.