Ilaria is a London-based fashion illustrator and collage artist. Her work has been featured in major tv channels and newspapers such as the BBC News, Sky Sports, Talksport, and The Sun. It has also been seen in galleries and exhibitions around the world including the Milan Design Week, London Design Week, Cluster Illustration Editions V & VI (London), The William Morris Society (London), Wilton’s Music Hall (London), Gallery Different (London), Antonia Jannone’s Gallery (Milan) and most recently at ‘Decay’ exhibition with the Rise Collective at Arch (Vietnam) and more.

Ilaria’s work aim is to shock and amuse people, stimulating their eyes and mind. In the creation of her artworks, Ilaria applies a natural and instinctive approach combining visually evocative elements to create engaging and thought-provoking images. With her unique way of creating collages, layering cut-outs from magazines and textile, she is able to capture the body, its movement, and a brand aesthetic in a very unique way. During the collage-making process, a little cut-out combines perfectly with another cut-out that combines magically with another one leading to a surprising final result. Her innovative compositions and elegant and chic color palette and texture allow the artist to express her emotions and feelings and capture other people’s ones. Ilaria’s work has been defined as extraordinary and sophisticated, able to express strong concepts.

Working Experience

Lead Graphic Designer – Championship Horse Racing

May 2018 – Current
London, UK
  • and coordinate all the visuals and designs of the company
  • Design the brand identity and logo of the Racing League event
  • Work collaboratively with the marketing team for the realisation of advertising campaigns
  • Create motion graphics for advertising campaigns and social media
  • Create illustrations and graphics for website, blog, and social media
  • Working on presentations, leaflets, brochures, marketing materials and banner designs
  • Development of mock-ups, photo retouching and formatting
  • Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts
  • Time management skills coordinating all the designs projects and working on multiple projects at once