December 2020

Interview with fashion illustrator Joanna Layla

Joanna Layla is a London-based fashion illustrator. Passionate about fashion design & sustainability, she has recently worked with ELV Denim and London Fashion Week. Recognised as an exciting emerging artist with gallery representation in London and France, and a solo show in Sweden, she has been selected as Fida’s ‘Ones to Watch 2021’. Her artworks are incredible, delicate but powerful at the same time!

Check her work out at

Interview with collage artist Emi Wilcox

After 20 years of capturing the beauty of the world with different media, Emi Wilcox is now focusing on his first handmade collage collection called COLLAGE-GEN-O. His collages have a very strong sense of fashion and the outfits he creates are extravagant and immensely beautiful! The fact that people’s faces are replaced with stylish and expressive hats is so intriguing.

Check his website at to find out more!

Interview with illustrator Beatriz Leonardo

Beatriz Leonardo is a multi-media Portuguese artist working with pretty much anything she can get her hands on. She is interested in the symbiosis between analogue and digital, figurative and conceptual, and the fine line that separates reality from imagination. She creates a variety of products: original limited linocut prints, screenprints, risographs, tote bags and digital prints, flowing through themes of surrealism, nature, mythology, feminism and identity.

Check her work out at

Interview with illustrator Margherita Bertellini

Marghe Bertellini is an amazing illustrator. She is able to create work that makes you feel instantly relaxed and on another planet! Her artworks are magical, playful and emotive.

Check her work out on Instagram at @marghe.ber.

Interview wil collage artist Martin Cederlund

‘There is a “pink elephant” in the room and nobody wants to talk about it: death, the imminent end of existence.’ It’s with this poem from Margarita Quinteros that Martin Cederlund describes his art which is a dialogue with the society to which he belongs. In his own language, the artist exposes a critique of this nowadays society that is often a message of irony. With his art, he wants to express his disappointment of seeing that important things in life like the justice and the purity are behind cultural masks.

Check out his work on Instagram at @martintricederlund

Interview with Grace Cheetham the founder of Serotonin Series

Grace Cheetham is the founder and creator of Serotonin Series brand. A very original one that focuses on creating ‘Happy Pill’ pills bags/cases ( that can also be used as card wallets or store jewellery pouches), postcards, tote bags, house decorations and more. These products are all part of a project that explores mental illness trying to find some of the humour and joy in it!

See more visiting Serotonin Serie shop on Etsy.

Interview wil Alexia Gazi the founder of Art of the H Art

Alexia Gazi is an interior designer and self-taught artist, maker and crafter behind Art of the H-art brand, which was born out of her love for learning new crafts and expressing her creativity creating beautifully handmade pieces. Art of the H-art is about creating, learning a new skill and making for mindfulness. In her shop, you’ll be able to find so many beautiful pieces of macremè.

Check them out visiting Art of the H Art website