Lilac – Eye + Teardrop Earrings in Gold


Meet Lilac. We love the contrast between the deep purple hues and the bright gold leafing. These earrings are perfect for you if you love wearing dangling earrings and want to make a statement.  

Just like the eye, the teardrop is an ancient Egyptian symbol and as a tear forms part of the Eye of Horus symbol, it is often seen to be associated with a falcon which symbolizes strength, accurate vision, and power.

In ancient Chinese cultures, two teardrops make up the yin yang symbol. This symbol represents the opposite energies existing in harmony.

Made from hand-cut collage art, which was carefully fused to a leather background before gilding with 22k gold leaf on the sides and sealing with a protector turning it into a piece of wearable art.

Size: 30mm


– 22k gold leaf

– 14k Gold Filled (hypo-allergenic and anti-tarnish)

– sustainably sourced leather (from off-cuts)

– every ORIGIN piece is securely wrapped in one of our signature gold foil gift boxes, which are 100% eco-friendly and FSC certified.


Curious to know how Lilac Earrings will look when dangling from your ears? Check out the promo video in the description below.


If you are in love with Lilac Earrings you should check out Lilac limited edition archival print HERE. It could be a wonderful addition to hang on the walls of your home.

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